Diverse Program on the Organic Field Days

The program of the Organic Field Days combines the latest news about organic farming from practice and research. Visitors will get an update on the newest agricultural technology as there are 50 machine demonstrations on cultivators, harrows, heavy discs, tillage and GPS and camera-guided machines. Innovation examples will show prototypes of weeding robots, a solar-powered weeding machine and a tractor with electric drive.

The latest findings on challenges such as the climate crisis, organic breeding and animal welfare will be discussed in forums by scientists and practitioners. In addition, numerous demo plots of a variety of crops i.e. corn, carrot, pea, lupine soy, and several cereal varieties and inputs for organic farming will be presented by companies, breeders and consultancy services.
The information point of the Animal Welfare Competence Center having integrated forums on the topic and the breeding conference on the German Black Pied cattle including an animal show are other highlights of the Organic Field Days. To round out the program, regional delicacies in organic quality will be offered.

(A special note for our English speaking visitors: Unfortunately, we are not able to provide English translations of all presentations and talks. Please contact the staff of the Organic Field Days to get information on the events offered in English language.)

  • Expert Forum on Animals and Plants

    The LLH-Forum ‘stable talks’ offers farmers the opportunity to talk about the current issues of animal husbandry and to exchange ideas. The BÖLN-Forum examines the horticultural spectrum. Farmers will get informed about the latest research results and advice on conversion to organic farming.

  • Forum Politics and the Youth

    ‘Creative thinking’ is a forum developed by FiBL in which current political topics in the organic sector are discussed. The expert forum (‘think beyond’) is organised by the Expert Group Regenerative Agriculture Witzenhausen (FG ReLaWi) in cooperation with the Student Council (FSR) of Witzenhausen and the young Rural Agriculture Working Group (jAbL). The topics discussed are of special interest for the young visitors. The forums take place in the inner courtyard (= Innenhof).

  • Organic Compost and the DSN Breeders Conference

    What you need to know about ‘how to get the most from compost as fertiliser and for soil improvement’ will be subject of the venue and answer frequent questions of farmers. Moreover, manufacturers will demonstrate their machines and other equipment. On July 3rd, the Breeders‘ Conference on the German Black Pied cattle an endangered species of farm animal breed will be presented. These events will take place in and around the young cattle stable (= Jungviehstall).

  • Machine demonstrations

    More than 50 machine demonstrations are one of the highlights of the Organic Field Days. Visitors can see various cultivators, harrows, heavy discs, tillage machines etc. in action, some have handy extras such as camera- and satellite-controlled devices. The machine demonstrations will be organised and carried out in cooperation with the DLG.

  • Innovations and new propulsion technologies

    Innovations play an important role at the Organic Field Days in exploring emerging trends. The innovations at our ‘Innovation Show’ demonstrate new inventions from the technical field as well as new system approaches which also include new propulsion technologies – with electric engines leading the way.

  • Guided tours and general information

    Employees of the State Agricultural Office Hessen (LLH), the Association of Chambers of Agriculture (VLK) and the University of Kassel will provide more information during guided tours e.g. on the variety trials or crop rotation. Furthermore, there are many other events and poster presentations on the topics like business formation, the climate change, stereotypes in the agricultural sector and regenerative agriculture.

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Boris Liebl


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