House rules Öko-Feldtage 2023

  • The halls and other event are­as are open to per­sons hol­ding a valid ticket during the spe­ci­fied ope­ning hours. Child­ren under the age of 14 may only enter the pre­mi­ses if accom­pa­nied by an adult.
  • Dogs and other pets are not allo­wed. This rest­ric­tion does not app­ly to gui­de-dogs for the blind or per­sons other­wi­se incapacitated.
  • The unaut­ho­ri­zed use or par­king of motor vehic­les on the site is not per­mit­ted. In the event of an inf­rin­ge­ment, the vehic­le will be towed at the owner’s expense.
  • Cam­ping is pro­hi­bi­ted on the event site.
  • Anyo­ne who dis­turbs the event and its pro­ces­ses can be excluded by the orga­ni­zer. The orga­ni­zer reser­ves the right to exer­cise his domic­i­lia­ry rights and to deny or exclude peo­p­le who make racist, natio­na­li­stic, anti-semi­tic or other dis­cri­mi­na­ting remarks or appear in any of the­se ways.
  • Set­ting up and dis­tri­bu­ting adver­ti­sing mate­ri­al out­side of your own exhi­bi­ti­on space and the direct sale of pro­ducts are prohibited.
  • Image and sound recor­dings of exhi­bi­ti­on stands or exhi­bits requi­re the expli­cit per­mis­si­on of the exhi­bi­tor. Pro­duc­tions that are crea­ted for com­mer­cial pur­po­ses must be reques­ted and appro­ved in advan­ce from the organizer.
  • Smo­king is only allo­wed in mark­ed areas.
  • The Organiser’s Gene­ral Terms of Busi­ness and the house regu­la­ti­ons of the respec­ti­ve venue must be respected.

Frank­furt, March 2023