Conditions of participation
Öko-Feldtage 2021 (organic field days)

1. Hosted by

FiBL Projekte GmbH
Kasseler Straße 1a
60486 Frankfurt am Main, Deutschland
Telefon +49 69 71 37 699-0
Fax +49 69 71 37 699-9
Managing Director: Dr. Robert Hermanowski

2. Basis of contract

FiBL Projekte GmbH is the contracting party of the exhibitor. The registration form for the exhibition and machine demonstration and the conditions of participation are part of the contract. General terms and conditions of the exhibitor are excluded as integral parts of the contract. By sending the registration form, the exhibitor accepts the conditions of participation as legally binding. The passing on of the contents as well as a notification of compliance with the contract to the personnel and service providing companies are obligatory. Other important information and provisions which the exhibitor receives as well as the provisions for services are also part of the contract. Additional agreements must be made in writing.

In the event of violations of contractual provisions, FiBL Projekte GmbH may take appropriate measures and exclude the exhibitor from the event without notice.

3. Data processing

By applying for admission at FiBL Projekte GmbH, the exhibitor agrees to the processing and storage of the data collected during the Öko-Feldtage. Where necessary, the data will be passed on to subcontractors (including co-organizers, advertising agencies, tent/fair construction companies). FiBL Projekte GmbH has a contractual agreement with these subcontractors in which they undertake not to pass on the data to third parties. Exhibitors may revoke their consent to this at any time.

4. Place, duration, opening hours

The Öko-Feldtage will take place on Wednesday, 23.06. and Thursday, 24.06.2021 at the Hessian State Domain Gladbacherhof in 65606 Villmar. Opening hours for exhibitors are from 7.00-20.00, for visitors from 9.00-18.00.

On 24.06. there will be an evening event until about 00.00 o’clock.

5. Exhibition program

The Öko-Feldtage 2021 are addressed to companies, institutions and organizations that offer products, information and services for organic farming. Exhibitors from the following sectors can register:

  • Agroforestry
  • Education
  • Consulting
  • Inputs
  • Services
  • Research
  • Animal feed
  • Inspection Body
  • Agricultural engineering
  • Plant Production
  • Seeds/Planting material
  • Animal husbandry
  • Association
  • Marketing
  • Other

A claim for admission to the event does not exist.

6. Admission requirements

All products at the Öko-Feldtage, as far as relevant, comply with the EU Basic Regulation (EC) No. 834/2007. Only operating materials that are registered in the organic input list in Germany ( are permitted for exhibition and advertising at the stands.

Organic seed must be used as seed on demonstration plots. Exceptions to this rule must be notified to FiBL Projekte GmbH and the Hessian State Domain Gladbacherhof. The domain must apply for a derogation via the responsible inspection body before sowing.

The PR materials for the exhibited goods (operating materials, seeds) may only advertise products approved for organic farming.

Organic certification must be presented for the gastronomic offer. For smaller suppliers without organic certification, event certification is offered for a fee.

7. Registration for exhibitors, deadlines

The completed exhibitor registration form is considered as application for admission. Exhibitors indicate the type of exhibition stand they wish to book with binding effect. Limited exhibition space is available.

The closing date for registration for outdoor areas with demonstration plots for winter and summer is 01.07.2020. Exhibition stands without demonstration plots, machine demonstrations and stand areas in the exhibition hall can be registered until 31.12.2020. Registrations received after these deadlines can only be considered if there are still free spaces available.

8. Admission, Contract closing

Binding registration is made by submitting an application for admission to FiBL Projekte GmbH. The rental agreement comes into effect with the confirmation from FiBL Projekte GmbH. Exhibitors with demonstration plots will receive their stand allocation from August 2020, exhibitors in the hall and outside area without demonstration plots in February 2021. You will also receive confirmation of your participation in the machine demonstration in February 2021.

Stand allocations for the catering trade will be made from May 2021, and an appointment will be offered for on-site inspection of the location.

9. Exhibition prices, stand sizes

The following conditions apply for the Öko-Feldtage 2021:
  • Exhibition stands with seed presentation are offered in units of 400m² at 2.000,- Euro. This is also the minimum size. Further units of 400m² each are offered for 1.800,- Euro. The dimensions of the 400m² units are usually 20×20m. There is no limit to the number of bookable units.
  • Exhibition stands in the outdoor area without seed presentation in 25m² and 9m² units at a price of 50,- Euro per m². The dimensions of the 25m² units are usually 5×5m, the dimensions of the 9m² units are usually 3×3m. No limit to the number of bookable units.
  • Exhibition stands in the outdoor area without seed presentation in front of the exhibition hall (see section 12) are offered in 9m² units at a price of 50,- Euro per m². The dimensions of the 9m² units are usually 3×3m. A maximum of two 9m² units per exhibitor* may be booked.
  • Stands in the exhibition hall are offered in 6m² and 9m² units at a price of 80,- Euro per m². The dimensions of the 6m² units are 2×3m, the dimensions of the 9m² units are 3×3m. A maximum of two spaces of 3×2m or 3×3m per exhibitor* may be booked.
  • The demonstration fee per machine is 1,200 Euro. Depending on the process, several machines can also be shown. Machines may only be demonstrated if the exhibitor simultaneously books an outdoor area (at least 50m²). A maximum of 5 machine demonstrations per exhibitor may be booked.
  • The registration fee is 300,- Euro and will be charged to all exhibitors in addition to the stand space. Co-exhibitors will only be charged the registration fee of 250,- Euro.
  • The following conditions apply for catering:
    Up to 10m² – 260,- Euro
    >10m² – 360,- Euro
All mentioned prices are plus 19% VAT. The prices do not include stand construction.
FiBL Projekte GmbH reserves the right to change the location and dimensions of the stand area if required due to safety regulations or official requirements. Space will be allocated according to the date of registration.

10. Terms of payment

Invoices are (unless otherwise stated on the invoice) payable within 14 days without discount. All payments are to be made free of charge to FiBL Projekte GmbH in euros, quoting the invoice number. A claim to the assigned space and, if applicable, a machine demonstration only exists after the invoice has been paid in full. The exhibitor must provide proof of this – if requested to do so by FiBL Projekte GmbH.

11. Resignation, Cancellation fees

If the exhibitor cancels the stand space after the contract conclusion, the following cancellation fees apply:
Exhibition stands without seed demonstration, stands in the exhibition hall, machine demonstrations:
  • 25% of the agreed exhibition price in case of cancellation until 31.12.2020.
  • After 31.12.2020 the exhibition fee is due in full. Exhibitors are entitled to prove that FiBL Projekte GmbH had saved expenses.
  • If the exhibitor cancels after confirmation of the machine demonstration, the full demonstration fee will be charged.
Exhibition stands with seed demonstration:
  • 25% of the agreed exhibition price if no work has yet been carried out in the field of agricultural engineering
  • If services in the field of agricultural engineering have already been used, the exhibition fee will be charged in total. The exhibitor reserves the right to prove that FiBL Projekte GmbH had saved expenses.
If gastronomic suppliers cancel their offer after 01.04.2021, 50% of the registration fee is charged.

12. Exhibition areas

An exhibition hall, four outdoor areas (one area with the possibility of demonstration seed) and five areas for machine demonstrations are planned. The following figure shows the exhibition areas.

Veranstaltungsgelände Öko-Feldtage 2021

13. Exhibitor pass

All exhibitors will receive exhibitor passes according to the size of their exhibition stand. These can be used for setup and dismantling as well as during the event.

Stand First Unit each additional unit
6/9m² units in the exhibition hall 2 Pass 1 Pass
400m² units with seed demonstration 6 Pass 3 Pass
25m² nits without seed demonstration 2 Pass 1 Pass
9m² without seed demonstration 2 Pass 1 Pass

Additional Exhibitor Passes can be ordered with a form (from 01.01.2021 on

14. Stand construction and dismantling

On the outdoor and indoor areas, stands can be set up on Monday, 21.06.2021 and Tuesday, 22.06.2021 from 8.00-18.00 o’clock. Dismantling may take place on 24.06.2021 from 18.00 o’clock at the earliest, vehicles may only enter the area from 19.00 o’clock. Machines may only be delivered on Friday, 18.06.2021, Saturday, 19.06.2021, Monday, 21.06.2021 and Tuesday, 22.06.2021 until 12.00 noon.

Loading and return transports of all vehicles over 3.5t are only possible from Friday, 25.06.2021 and Saturday, 26.06.2021 from 08.00 to 18.00 o’clock.

15. Deliveries

Vehicles over 3.5 t must be reported to FiBL Projekte GmbH. FiBL Projekte GmbH reserves the right to have vehicles driven directly to the stand areas. Depending on weather conditions, the access roads have a limited load capacity. During the event, no vehicles are allowed to enter the exhibition area. During assembly and dismantling, walking speed is mandatory throughout the entire site.

Delivery of brochures or similar material is only possible from 09.06.2021. This delivery must be reported to Domäne Gladbacherhof, as storage capacity is very limited and cannot be guaranteed. If there is no representative of the exhibitor on site, Domäne Gladbacherhof may accept the goods. However, it is not obliged to check these for freedom from defects, completeness or correctness. It is not liable for delivered or stored items.

Vehicles for fresh goods deliveries for the catering trade can drive onto the premises between 7.00 and 8.00 a.m. on the days of the exhibition. An additional transport option with shuttle vehicles during opening hours is being planned.

16. Exhibition stand equipment

Exhibitors are obliged to list all exhibits and service offers in full on the registration form. Offers or products other than those registered may not be exhibited. If exhibitors exhibit items at the event that have not been registered, FiBL Projekte GmbH is entitled to remove them and retain them until the end of the event.

Electrical installations, tents, stand structures and furniture can be ordered using a separate form. This is available for download from from 01.01.2021. Exhibitors must submit these forms/orders to FiBL Projekte GmbH by 01.03.2021.

FiBL Projekte GmbH has granted exclusive rights for the equipment to various service providers. If exhibitors do not bring their own tents, stand structures or furniture, they must order from the specified service providers.

17. Serving food and drinks

The sale of food and drinks is only permitted to authorized catering providers. Exhibitors may offer food and drinks to customers free of charge. All offered food and drinks (except water) must come from controlled organic farming. Legal regulations such as the Food Hygiene Regulation and the Drink Dispensing Regulation must be followed.

18. Exhibition Stands with seed demonstration

Areas for demonstration plots will be available from the end of August 2020 (wintering) and March 2021 (summering). The demonstration areas are usually ploughed. The layout of the demonstration areas has to be coordinated with the agricultural engineer. Futhermore he has to be informed about the stand planning (e.g. in form of a sketch), no matter if the service agricultural engineering is used.

Allow sufficient space between the seed demonstratioon units for machine processing (at least 0.5 m on all sides) and sufficient room for the removal of the seed. A plan showing the location of the stand areas with demo plots will be made available to you at the end of May 2020. After the event, the plants will be worked into the ground.

19. Agricultural engineering Services

FiBL Projekte GmbH offers services for the installation of the demonstration plots, which exhibitors can use for a fee. The exhibitor must provide seed and operating materials in time.

The delivery must be enclosed with a delivery bill, which serves as proof. Exhibitors are not entitled to have work carried out on specific days. The work will be carried out to the best of our knowledge, claims for damages are excluded, as far as legally possible. Prices for the Agricultural engineering Services must be obtained from FiBL Projekte GmbH and are calculated according to the scope of work. The address for the delivery of seeds and equipment as well as the contact details for the test equipment will be sent to you in a separate Email.

20. Machine demonstrations

20.1 Registration and admission

The binding order is submitted to FiBL Projekte GmbH through the application for approval. The rental agreement comes into effect upon confirmation by FiBL Projekte GmbH. Exhibitors with outdoor areas will receive their stand allocation and confirmation of the presentation in February 2021.

The machine demonstrations are carried out in close consultation with FiBL Projekte GmbH. Each demonstration must be registered and approved. For the demonstrations, the area marked in section 12 is reserved. Demonstrations can only take place in connection with the rental of an outdoor area (at least 50m²). On this area, the exhibited machine (if necessary with tractor) must be parked outside the demonstration. Please include this in your stand planning. A maximum of 5 machines can be registered per exhibitor. For comments during the machine demonstration, please fill in the data sheet, which will be made available on Machine demonstration data sheet

20.2 Area and Schedule

The areas for the machine demonstrations are located next to the exhibition and demonstration areas as well as the experimental areas of the Gladbacherhof (see map section 12). One track per machine is provided on this area. Separate areas are provided to check the machine settings.

All machines will be demonstrated once on each day. The machine demonstrations are planned to take place at 10:00 a.m. for the subject area of agriculture and at 2:00 p.m. for the subject area of forage growing. The times may vary depending on weather conditions and the event schedule.

A maximum of five minutes is planned for the moderation and activation of the machine. The machines will be presented by an expert moderator. The moderator describes the machines with the help of information provided by the manufacturer or trader. For this purpose, the manufacturers or traders must submit a data sheet describing the machine to FiBL Projekte GmbH by 01.05.2021. The machine demonstrations can only take place in the designated area. If no demonstration is held, the machine will be placed on the booked outdoor area.

20.3 Specification by topics

The aim of the machine demonstration is to show visitors agricultural technology that is relevant to organic farming. At the Organic Field Days, machine demonstrations on the topics of arable farming and fodder production are offered. For each thematic block there is a defined size of the demonstration area, which defines the upper limit for participation.

Please note the limitation of the machine widths: Machine widths in the area of chopping technology maximum 6m, machine widths in the area of harrow technology maximum 9m, machine widths in the area of forage harvesting maximum 9m.
Arable farming:

Harrow technology (max. 10 harrows)
Crop: Spring Barley
Aim: gentle and at the same time effective row-independent weed regulation

Chopping technology (max. 10 choppers)
Crop: Maize
Aim: gentle and at the same time effective row-dependent weed regulation
Fodder production:

Mowing technology (max. 8 machines)
Crop: Alfalfa grass
Aim: quality-preserving, animal and beneficial insect friendly mowing technology (e.g. beam mowers)

Swath technology (max. 8 machines)
Crop: Alfalfa grass
Aim: forage-friendly technology solutions (classic rotary rakes should not be demonstrated)

Note: The organizer reserves the right to reject individual machines registered for the machine demonstration if he/she is of the opinion that the registered machine does not meet the specified objective or only meets it to a limited extent.

20.4 Weather conditions, cancellation

FiBL Projekte GmbH may cancel a machine demonstration if weather conditions do not allow it. Reasons for this may include improper operation of the machine and lasting damage to the site. The decision on this will be made on the day before the event in question and will involve the machine demonstrators. FiBL Projekte GmbH is not obliged to refund the demonstration fee or any part thereof.

20.5 Safety

It is necessary that you name your local person responsible for security in writing when you register. This person must be present and available on site during the entire duration of the event and must ensure that the safety principles are observed. Any renaming of this responsibility is only possible until the security briefing and must be notified in writing to FiBL Projekte GmbH.

The central briefing on safety will take place on Tuesday, 22.06.2021 at 14:00 o’clock on the site. Attendance is compulsory for all persons who have been designated by the exhibitor as “responsible person” to FiBL Projekte GmbH and for all drivers of the machine combinations.

All machine demonstrations during the organic field days must be carried out in such a way that any danger to persons and material property can be excluded. All machines used must comply with the underlying directives and laws and have a CE marking. FiBL Projekte GmbH reserves the right to interrupt or prohibit a machine demonstration at any time if safety regulations are not observed or if the situation requires it.

All drivers who work within the scope of the machine demonstration must have the necessary driver’s license and must ensure careful and safety-conscious behavior. All drivers must be instructed by the exhibitor in the handling of the demonstration vehicle. During the event, the zero-alcohol-level rule applies to all drivers. All drivers will be registered and will receive a basic safety briefing on site. Speed must not be a potential hazard for visitors.

For drives from the machine parking area to the demonstration field, walking speed is mandatory. The demonstration area is visually markedby FiBL Projekte GmbH so that visitors can see that they are entering the demonstration area. Exhibitors must ensure that specific safety measures are taken in the event of any particular hazard, which may be caused by the equipment or the situation.
The exhibitor is responsible for the security of the machine during the demonstration and on the stand. FiBL Projekte GmbH will not take out any liability, fire, theft or other insurance for the registered machines. FiBL Projekte GmbH will not bear the costs of transporting the machines to and from the exhibition site. FiBL Projekte GmbH accepts no liability for loss of machines, equipment, superstructures or other valuables brought in by the exhibitor. FiBL Projekte GmbH will provide security personnel to ensure safety during the demonstrations.

21. Protecting Environment

In order to make the event as sustainable as possible, FiBL Projekte GmbH would like to draw attention to the following measures/offers:
  • Waste reduction, reuse of packaging materials
  • Waste separation
  • Public means of transport
  • Cleaning work with biodegradable cleaning products
The use of glass or porcelain is not permitted on outdoor areas. FiBL Projekte GmbH recommends the use of tableware made of renewable raw materials.

22. Waste disposal, cleaning

Exhibitors are encouraged to produce as little waste as possible and to use reusable and environmentally friendly materials.

FiBL Projekte GmbH only keeps the general areas and paths clean. Exhibitors are responsible for cleaning their exhibition stands and disposing of waste. Waste disposal facilities are centrally located on the site.

23. Safety

Exhibitors are obliged to attach protective devices to exhibits that comply with the requirements of the Employer’s Liability Insurance Association. Escape routes must be kept clear during set-up and dismantling and during the event. Objects and decorations for the equipment of the stand areas must be made of flame-retardant material (fire protection class B1). There must be a fire extinguisher at each stand, which is to be organized by each exhibitor himself.

The fire protection regulations will be announced on a poster. The instructions of FiBL Projekte GmbH must be followed without fail. FiBL Projekte GmbH is entitled to remove objects, machines and equipment that endanger safety from the exhibition stands.

24. House rules

  • The exhibition grounds may only be entered with a valid admission ticket during the stated opening hours. Children under 15 years of age may only enter the exhibition grounds when accompanied by an adult. Animals are not permitted.
  • The setting up and handing-out of advertising material outside the own stand area as well as the direct sale of products is prohibited.
  • The unauthorized use or parking of motor vehicles on the site is not permitted. In case of violation the vehicles will be removed at the owner’s expense. Anyone who disturbs the event and its procedures can be excluded by FiBL Projekte GmbH.
  • Image and sound recordings of other exhibition stands or exhibits require the explicit approval of the exhibitor. Productions made for commercial purposes must be applied for and approved in advance by FiBL Projekte GmbH.
  • In the event of violations of the house rules, the exhibitors reserve the right to exclude or ban persons from the site
  • The organizers reserve the right to make use of their house rules and to deny access to the event or exclude persons who make racist, nationalistic, anti-Semitic or other inhuman statements

25. Special situation DLG field days 2021

In view of the Corona pandemic, the DLG field days were postponed to June 8-10, 2021. For exhibitors who participate in both the DLG Field Days and the Eco Field Days, the registration fee for the second event (after the registration date) will not be charged.

If you are already registered for the DLG Field Days, please state this on the registration form. If you are already registered for the Organic Field Days and wish to participate in the DLG Field Days as well, please inform the DLG Field Days Exhibitor Service.

26. Force majeure

FiBL Projekte GmbH is entitled to postpone, shorten, close or cancel the event in whole or in part due to force majeure or other reasons for which it is not responsible, without the exhibitor being entitled to withdraw its registration or to make claims for compensation. The stand rent as well as all costs to be borne by the exhibitor shall be paid in full and claims for damages by the exhibitor shall be excluded.

27. Reservations, claims, preclusion period, written form

All wishes of the exhibitor are subject to the possibility of realization. FiBL Projekte GmbH reserves the right to cancel the event for good cause or to change its location, space or time. Should compelling circumstances make it necessary, FiBL Projekte GmbH is entitled to relocate stand areas or change their dimensions. This does not entitle the exhibitor to withdraw from the rental contract.

Exhibitors must assert all claims in writing within six months of the end of the event, otherwise they will expire. Agreements that deviate from the conditions of participation must be made in writing. German law applies exclusively.

28. Liability, Insurance

FiBL Projekte GmbH is only liable in cases of gross carelessness or intent. FiBL Projekte GmbH is otherwise excluded from liability.
Exhibitors are liable for damage caused by themselves, their employees, agents or by exhibits. It is therefore recommended that exhibitors take out exhibition insurance. General security guarding of the site is ensured by FiBL Projekte GmbH. The guarding of stand areas and exhibits is the responsibility of the exhibitor.

29. Legal domicile

Legal domicile is Frankfurt am Main. However, FiBL Projekte GmbH reserves the right to assert claims at the court at which the exhibitor has its registered office.

The legally valid version of the Conditions of participation is the German version.

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