Travel directions

We want to make the Orga­nic Field Days (Öko-Feld­ta­ge) as sus­tainab­le as pos­si­ble and are the­re­fo­re hap­py when many visi­tors con­tri­bu­te by tra­ve­ling by public transport!

We would like to kind­ly point out that dogs are not allo­wed on the exhi­bi­ti­on grounds. So plea­se don’t bring him with you. Gui­de dogs are an exception

Arrival by public transport

Line 45 of the Hes­si­an Sta­te Rail­way (HLB) takes you to the Aumen­au train sta­ti­on, from the­re it is only a 400 m walk to the event site – the rou­te is sign­pos­ted. Aumen­au can be reached in only 20 minu­tes by regio­nal train 45 from the “Lim­burg” train station.

Lim­burg South:
The ICE sta­ti­on „Lim­burg Süd“ has no con­nec­tion to the regio­nal train. From here, bus 282 runs to Aumen­au in 30 minu­tes. We also ope­ra­te a shut­tle bus on the days of the event bet­ween 8.45 a.m. and 9.30 a.m. to the venue. For the return jour­ney, shut­tle buses will run from the exhi­bi­ti­on to the train sta­ti­on at 5.10 p.m., 5.45 p.m. and 6.15 p.m.

Arrival by car

Tra­vel­ling by road from the south via the A3, exit 44: „Bad Cam­berg“, on the B8 towards Lim­burg to Nie­der­sel­ters, turn right via Hes­sen­stra­ße towards Sel­ters – Müns­ter. Then fol­low the signs to the Ost car park!

Com­ing from the west via the A3 from Colo­gne to Lim­burg Süd on the B8 in the direc­tion of Bad Cam­berg, in Nie­der­fal­len turn left onto Vill­ma­rer Stra­ße to Vill­mar, then onto Weil­bur­ger Stra­ße, L3063 in the direc­tion of Aumen­au. Then fol­low the signs to the West car park!

Com­ing from the north on the A7 and east on the A4, con­ti­nue on the A5 in the direc­tion of Frank­furt to the Reis­kir­che­ner Drei­eck. Then A480 in the direc­tion of Gie­ßen, B429 in the direc­tion of Wetzlar/Limburg, (nor­thwest: via the A45 to the Wetz­lar junc­tion, then B277 to Wetz­lar) con­ti­nue on the B49 in the direc­tion of Weil­burg, exit „Weil­burg“, Hohe Stra­ße, L3323 in the direc­tion of Villmar/Aumenau. Then fol­low the signs to the West car park!

The par­king spaces are sign­pos­ted. Plea­se pay atten­ti­on to the signa­ge and the inst­ruc­tions of our traf­fic team.


The East and West car parks are avail­ab­le for cars. From the­re it is approx. 2.3 km (East car park) and 1.3 km (West car park) to the event site. You are wel­co­me to use our regu­lar shut­tle ser­vice to get there.

Enter the fol­lowing in your navi­ga­ti­on device:

  • To get to the West car park: 50.398774, 8.227179
  • For the East car park: 50.380917, 8.253660

Arrival by taxi

Taxis can be orde­red from Taxi-Addi in Lim­burg (06433–22 22).
The jour­ney from Lim­burg Süd (ICE train sta­ti­on) to the Glad­bach­er­hof takes about 25 minu­tes and cos­ts around €40

Arrival by motorbike

The­re is a paved par­king lot for motor­bikes on the L3063 at the Klin­ge­le com­pa­ny, oppo­si­te the west entrance.

Arrival by bike

The­re is a par­king lot for bicy­cles at the west entrance.

Arrival for people with restricted mobility

You can dri­ve onto the site (West Ent­ran­ce) from Land­stra­ße 3063 with the appro­pria­te ID. Our traf­fic team will show you your cen­tral­ly loca­ted par­king space. For more infor­ma­ti­on plea­se con­ta­ct Visi­tor Ser­vices (Con­ta­ct Insa Fol­kerts, +49 69 7137 699–225).

Arrival for groups of visitors/coaches

For coa­ches, plea­se take the L3063 (com­ing from Lim­burg or Weil­burg) to the West Ent­ran­ce bus stop. Bus par­king spaces will then be assi­gned. To regis­ter your bus, plea­se con­ta­ct the visi­tor ser­vice (con­ta­ct Insa Fol­kerts, +49 69 7137 699–225).


Insa Folkerts

Insa Folkerts

Sup­port Visitors

Insa.Folkerts(at) Tel.: +49 69 7137699–225

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