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The orga­nic farm Hes­si­sche Staats­do­mä­ne Glad­bach­er­hof is loca­ted 60 km sou­thwest from the city of Gie­ßen in the north wes­tern foot­hills of the Tau­nus Moun­tains in Cen­tral Ger­ma­ny. The farm is cer­ti­fied orga­nic sin­ce 1983 and has been a mem­ber of Bio­land sin­ce 1989. Sin­ce 1990 this farm is a rese­arch insti­tu­te of the Jus­tus-Lie­big-Uni­ver­si­ty of Gießen.

The rese­arch insti­tu­te mana­ges about 190 ha of land, and focu­ses on cere­al seed pro­pa­ga­ti­on, pota­to pro­pa­ga­ti­on and dai­ry far­ming. The farm cul­ti­va­tes 110 ha of ara­ble land, and 75 ha of grassland.

Main goal of the dai­ry pro­duc­tion is lon­ge­vi­ty of the herd ins­tead of tem­pora­ri­ly high milk yiel­ds. The farm has 90 Hol­stein-Fri­sian dai­ry cows and in addi­ti­on 100 lay­ing hens.

Rese­arch aims among others lie on dif­fe­rent crop rota­ti­ons in orga­nic far­ming, the influ­ence of inten­si­fi­ca­ti­on of soil cul­ti­va­ti­on, qua­li­ty of wheat pro­te­ins, legu­me cul­ti­va­ti­on and long term effects on nut­ri­ent cycles in orga­nic far­ming sys­tems. In addi­ti­on to rese­arch machine­ry for field expe­ri­ments the farm runs an labo­ra­to­ry for the exami­na­ti­on of plant and soil samples.

The Uni­ver­si­ty of Gie­ßen plans to estab­lish two agro­fo­res­try sites in order to inves­ti­ga­te in sus­tainab­le and resi­li­ent far­ming sys­tems. Also orga­nic mat­ter con­tents, and adap­ted far­ming sys­tems to adapt and cope with cli­ma­te chan­ge are in focus of cur­rent stu­dies app­lied at Glad­bach­er­hof. Tho­se rese­arch acti­vi­ties will be pre­sen­ted at the Öko-Feld­ta­ge 2022.

The farm is the cent­re of the Öko-Feld­ta­ge. Visi­tors can visit the are­as and explo­re the methods of tea­ching and rese­ar­ching. A dai­ry herd and lay­ing hens in mobi­le barns are demons­tra­ting modern ani­mal husbandry.

Hes­si­sche Staats­do­mä­ne Gladbacherhof
65606 Vill­mar