… by public transport

The domane is approximately 20 km away from Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe train station. As a measure for the coming eco-field days in 2019, we will try to provide a shuttle service low in emmission as a suitable solution for our visitors arriving with a train.

… by car

Coming from the north west, you will reach Frankenhausen via A44 (motorway exit 66: “Breuna“, highway towards Breuna, Niederlistingen, then B7 until Espenau and then B83 about 2 km towards Hofgeismar).

Coming from the south or northeast, either take the A7 (motorway exit: “Kassel-Nord“ towards Kassel-Calden, B7 until Espenau and B83 roughly 2 km towards Hofgeisgar) or take the highway (B3 until Wilhelmshausen, continuing through Holzhausen, Espenau-Hohenkirchen).

The domane is located just off the B83 and is well visible.

Reference for navigation devices:
Location: 34393 Grebenstein, Germany
Street: Frankenhausen 1

Contact person

Maren Stang

Maren Stang

Visitor service

E-Mail: maren.stang(at)
Tel.: +49 69 7137699-95


AccomodationAddressPhoneWebsiteDistance to the domane
Ferienwohnung WiegandMarktstraße 16, 34393 Grebenstein+49 5674/,2 km
Hotel SchillerquartierErzbergerstraße 53, 34117 Kassel+49 561/93719994www.schillerquartier.de12 km
Jugendherberge KasselSchenkendorfstr. 18, 34119 Kassel+49 561/776455www.jugendherberge.de14 km
Astoria HotelFriedrich-Ebert-Straße 135, 34119 Kassel+49 561/72830www.adessohotel.com15 km
Hotel FroschkšönigNürnberger Straße 106, Kassel+49 561/570250www.hotel-froschkoenig.de16 km
Hotel CelinaFrankfurter Str. 194, 34134 Kassel+49 561/72830www.celinahotel.de17 km
PreMotelRaiffeisenstraße 2 - 8, 34121 Kassel+49 561/506440www.premotel.de17 km
Hotel am BergparkIm Druseltal 42, 34131 Kassel+49 561/30800www.hotel-neuedrusel.de18 km
Hotel ibis budget Kassel LohfeldenMax-Planck-Straße 12, 34253 Lohfelden+49 561/518485www.ibis-budget-kassel-lohfelden/21 km
Jugendherberge Hann. MŸündenProf.-Oelkers-Str. 10, 34346 Hann. MŸünden+49 5541/8853www.jugendherberge.de23 km
Biohotel FluxBuschweg 40, 34346 Hann. MŸünden+49 5541/9980www.flux-biohotel.de28 km
Camping groundAddressPhoneWebsiteDistance to the domane
Campingplatz HolzhausenNikolaus-August-Otto-Straße, 56357 Holzhausen an der Haide+49 6772/ km
Campingplatz KnickhagenFulda Freizeitzentrum 1, 34233 Fuldatal+49 5607/ km
Campingplatz HofgeismarSchöneberger Str. 16, 34369 Hofgeismar+49 5671/1215www.camping-am-bad-hofgeismar.de14 km
Campingplatz und Gasthaus "Zur Warme"Im Nordbruch 2, 34289 Zierenberg+49 5606/3966www.campingplatz-zierenberg.de15 km
Busch Freizeit & Touristik GmbHTanzwerder 1, 34346 Hann. Münden+49 5541/12257www.camping-und-kanu.de21km